Chairman’s Remarks – September 30, 2022

Portrait shot of David Boliek

Boliek is an attorney and partner with Williford, Crenshaw, Boliek and Frangakis LLP in Fayetteville. His practice focuses on litigation and consults on healthcare issues, specifically those in the allied health field. Previously, he spent several years as an award-winning journalist, political consultant and public relations professional. Boliek also previously served as CEO of a government contracting firm and as a prosecutor in Cumberland County.

For the past day and a half, I have met with each of the seven new Deans that this University has welcomed to the Carolina family.

These new Tar Heels are influential leaders in their respective fields. They have earned the admiration and respect of their colleagues at other well-regarded institutions of higher learning.

And their credentials, combined with their passion for teaching and learning, along with a solid work ethic, will ensure among other things that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will continue to produce high caliber graduates who will have a lasting impact on the world around us.

The hiring of these seven Deans was approved by this board of Trustees. That decision may well be one of the most influential ones we made together for the long-term health and vitality of this institution.

Yet our work has not only been focused on this campus and those who matriculate here, but we are also making significant and lasting investments off campus, taking our mission to the people of North Carolina to directly benefit them.

Look no further than the Carolina Community Academy we recently opened in Person County. This school-within-a-school will provide students an extraordinary education that fully leverages cross-campus curriculum and resources from a variety of Carolina programs, including the Schools of Dentistry, Education, Nursing, Pediatrics and Social Work. This is Carolina at work within our state and on behalf of the people that we serve.

All of this work was made possible, in part, through the countless hours each one of you have given in your service to the University on this board. We have and will continue to meaningfully advance the mission of this institution. And that is what I look forward to most.

We have important work ahead of us today and as always, I thank you for your continued commitment to our mission.